It’s a Book

Independent Publishing Fair
Leipzig, 19th of March 2016


‚It’s a Book‘ is an independent publishing fair that takes place on 19th March 2016 in the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in addition to the official Leipzig Book Fair. Entrepreneurs of the international independent publishing-scene are looking forward to meeting interested visitors and exchanging books and ideas.
From 2010 on the event was organized for four years by Leipzig based publishing house Spector Books in cooperation with the Leipzig Central Theater titled ‚It’s a Book, it’s a Stage, it’s a public place‘. Since 2014 the organization of the fair was given into the hands of students from the graphic design department of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Ambergris Editions



August Verlag





Bricks from the Kiln

Camera Austria

Doppell Edition

Edit e.V.

Edition Büchergilde


edition fink, Verlag für zeitgenössische Kunst

Edizione Multicolore

Fehras Publishing Practices

Fotohof edition

gutleut verlag

king dracula

Kodoji Press 

Lubok Verlag





RAUM Italic

Space Poetry

Technologie und das Unheimliche

Textem Verlag

Universität der Künste

zero sharp



This year’s symposium is titled „It’s a Book, it’s a Chance, it’s a Times New Romance“. The drop of conventional printing shops is a recent indication for a diagnosable change. Printing technologies won‘t disappear, but their meaning will shift inevitably. After a period of mainstream, triggered by the paperback trend during the 60s it seems the surplus value of produced photo books nowadays first of all consists in their material quality. Will books degrade to objects of luxury and speculation?
The event seeks to show a chronology of graphical and medial inventions, as a historical and social movens as well as the history of visual cognition and democratization of knowledge connected to it. How do analog formats change under the impact of digital publishing? Aequivalent developments of production and distribution in the fields of music, film, journalism and the sciences will be traced. Is it worthwile to handle the new tasks of todays information society with old tools or do we need new jobs for the old media?

19th of March 2016, 12.00 – 17.30 h
Admission is free.
Lectures will be held in german.

Experimental Jetset, Amsterdam
Christoph Knoth, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Michael Giesecke, Erfurt
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Johannes Schneider, Leipzig

Students’ Projects

We welcome self initiated book and graduation projects, especially related to graphic-design and bookmaking as well as young authors that are looking for a partner in publishing. A number of participants will be offered the chance to present their work at ‘It’s a Book’. We’re looking forward to your applications. We are interested in a short report on the idea, formation and perspective on publishing of your project. Images are very welcome and can be added to the pdf. Deadline is February 29th, 2016. A jury will invite a number of projects. The applicationform you can find here: pdf
For further questions mail to


Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst
Academy of Visual Arts
Wächterstr. 11
04107 Leipzig, Germany

12 AM – 9 PM
Admission is free.

Take tram line 8, 14, exit stop “Neues Rathaus”
Take tram line 10, 11, exit stop “Hohe Straße”
Take bus line 89, exit stop “Wächterstraße”

Generously supported by

DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH
Pöge Druck, Leipzig e.K. Inh. Andreas Pöge


“It’s a Book…” is organized by students of the graphic design department, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig: Jördis Behncken, Paul Ludwig Berzl, Sibel Beyer, Anna Luise Bräuer, Anne Dietzsch, Teresa Rudolf, Teresa Schönherr, Birger Straehler, Felix Walser
Supervised by Prof. Markus Dreßen and Albrecht Gäbel
Graphic design by Anna Luise Bräuer und Anne Dietzsch