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authorRai Gandra, Hélio Ronyvon, Fernando Donato & Roberta de Oliveira
size12mm x 125mm x 185mm
price25 €

There is a Brazilian saying that says “carnival affair does not go up the mountain”. It was the unofficial carnival opening when Helio and I kissed for the first time. Rio de Janeiro, midsummer, 40oC, one Capricorn and one Virgo. There was no better time to know each other than the party of the flesh, of bodies’ cult, of passion and samba.

After Ash Wednesday it did not take long until he came to live with me and Fernando Donato and Roberta, dear friends, roommates, and talented photographers who divided their time between capturing ordinary impressive “insta”ants and time to embrace our ideas of “self-promotion” / “self-acceptance” online via Instagram.

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