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titleA Fascinating Plan
authorMarius Goldhorn, Enis Maci, Mazlum Nergiz, Tanita Olbrich, Pascal Richmann
size11 x 17,5 cm
languageEnglish, German

Let’s say it hasn’t rained for days and suddenly it starts raining. There’s a Toyota Prius in a wet car park, which is glistening in the rain. Sometimes the car’s combustion engine is running and sometimes it uses electricity. Let’s say a woman rubs her hair with amber, she gets charged up, inviting us … to an electric kiss. The punk band Carambolage sings, ”The darkness is what is so alluring.“ What does the electrification of villages and teenagers have to do with Lomonosov’s soup, which mustn’t be allowed to get cold? What do the following have in common: a Tesla motor digging up Bitcoins, the witches electric warp from the Sailor Moon universe, and the self-immolation of two young women on the banks of the Rhine? This book is a power plant. It is fuelled by long-cherished interests and new obsessions.

A Fascinating Plan is all about energy. Part of the video installation with the same title produced for the Ruhrfestspiele 2021 in cooperation with the Munich Kammerspiele.

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