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titleAlbedo – Observationen auf Neumayer III
authorJudith Neunhäuserer
size14.5 × 22 cm
price25 €

Judith Neunhäuserer recently visited Antarctica; an extremely remote, almost inaccessible, and highly hostile place. There she observed the “tribe of natural scientists” who inhabit Antarctica, the only continent without human natives for about 100 years. On the trail of the development of scientific theory, the artist set out as a test body in search of a breakthrough into the interior of the globe. The published expedition report entitled “Albedo. Observations on Neumayer III,” follows the tradition of Antarctic heroes through a mixture of narrative experiences and a non-fiction. In more than 250 pages, terms such as white out, wind chill and vibroseistruck are explained and parameters of current polar research are investigated.

Text contributions: Interview J. Neunhäuserer and Mathias R. Zausinger
Design: Stefanie Hammann, Maria VMier

256 p., 1/1 and 4/4 offset print, softcover, dust jacket, Edition of 400

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