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titleBlaues Gras entlang der Flüsse – Pasto azul a lo largo de los ríos
authorOlaf Holzapfel and Guido Yannitto
size305×245 mm
languageenglishEnglish, German, Spanish
price18 €

The book is published on the occasion of Olaf Holzapfel’s and Guido Yannitto’s exhibition at Schwartzsche Villa in Berlin in 2020–2021. It explores the connections of Holzapfel’s and Yannitto’s textile works with the works by Wichí weavers, and asks about new forms of collaborations involving different communities and their forms of knowledge. Both are interested in the landscape, urban grids, routes and forms of knowledge, lost textile histories, the relationship between crafts and visual arts – and it is about forecasting what new models can be in the face of historical oblivion between city and country. What might the local ecologies; the forms of exchange of tomorrow look like?

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