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authorFlorian Glaubitz
size330 x 240 mm
languageEnglish / German
price20,00 Euro

CHOR by Florian Glaubitz, offset printed, hardcover, staple bound, print-run 250 copies, designed by Teresa Rudolf & Florian Glaubitz, ISBN 978-3-946191-06-3, Edited by the University of Münster, 2019

CHOR unites photographic works by Florian Glaubitz, which he created in 2018 and 2019 on commission at the University of Münster. Accompanied by a text contributed by Adrian Williams and an interview between Ursula Frohne and the artist, Glaubitz’ large-format close-ups form a sensitive photographic essay about the scientific community on the university campus as a polyphonic organism in motion.

“[Florian Gaubitz’] portrait depicts the institution as an amalgamation of ideas and intentions united geographically, entertained within structures, a concept made up of so many variable parts. … This is the Choir.” — Adrian Williams

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