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titleDas Neue Alphabet #5: Skin and Code
authorAlyk Blue, Johanna Burai, Luce deLire, i-Päd, Daniel Neugebauer, Rhea Ramjohn, Calah P Toussaint-Amat, Anne Kaun
size15 x 23 cm

Just as physical violence leaves its marks on the skin, conceptual violence is written into interfaces via algorithms—in the form of biases turned into pixels, as discrimi­nation implanted in memes in secret chat groups. The coding and decoding of body surfaces and interfaces is contingent on a whole host of norms. Yet these are not fixed: rather, they combine to create a matrix of tastes, cultural influences, technical conditions, and physical possibilities. The essays in this volume produce an interdisciplinary noise between surface structures and a selection of cavities: surfaces, skins, and interfaces are injured, gauged, altered, or remedied.

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