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titleDas Objekt
authorKatrin Kamrau
size320 x 230 mm
price28 €

Das Objekt by Katrin Kamrau, offset printed, 320 x 230 mm, 40 pages, softcover, thread bound, print-run 300 copies, with 2 inserts in color, in collaboration with Dear Reader, ISBN 978-3-00-061859-8, published 2019. The artist book series DAS OBJEKT is a critical and subjective reflection of icons and symbols used in photo handbooks to illustrate optical laws for photographers and those interested in photography. The 40 illustrations in this artist’s book reproduced in chronological order, are extracted from manuals published in Germany (Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, GDR, FRG) between 1928 and 2003. Through the detachment of their original context, these motifs reveal social developments, ideologies, and ideals – visualized by the respective creators – addressed to their imagined readership. Developments in the field of printing technology and industrial book printing resonate with developments within graphic design.

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