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titleDictonary of the Khazars
authorDarjan Hardi
size11 ✕ 22 cm
schoolAcademy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Dictionary of the Khazars is a novel written by Serbian writer Milorad Pavić in 1984, which was redesigned and illustrated by Darjan Hardi as his master’s thesis. Dictionary of the Khazars is a unique postmodernist novel that tells a story of the rise and fall of the Khazar nation through the views of three religions — Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These newly created visuals of the book are inspired by the symbols, cultural rituals, and mythology that the author uses to reconstruct the world of the Khazars. Reflecting on Milorad Pavić, and his way of building the fictional reality in the text, this new edition also contains one added chapter, which consists of photo documentation that traces the steps of Khazars in Serbia, where both authors originally come from. The redesigned form of the Dictionary was then printed in 100 copies, where the illustrations were printed in six colors using the spot color offset at the Academy, while the cover was printed using the technique of silkscreen.

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