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titleDie Historische Front
authorLuise Schröder
size280 x 228 mm
languageEnglish / German
price15 Euro

Die Historische Front by Luise Schröder, softcover, staple bound, offset printed, designed by Anika Rosen, ISBN 978-3-933282-44-6, published by Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, 2013.

The installation ‘The Historical Front’ examines the monument by Vincenc Makovsky, Victory of the Red Army over Fascism, that was unveiled on April 26, 1955 in Moravian Square at the center of Brno. The theme of the work is the sculpture’s temporary absence for restoration purposes, the resulting change in its location and the contemporary revamping of its original site. The work ‘The Historical Front’ attempts to treat Makovsky’s statue and its site separately at each stage of its transformation; this creates possibilities for formulating basic questions on how to currently handle socialist memorials and monuments while at the same time keeping an eye on which construction of history is thus called up.

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