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titleEcstatic Solitude
authorPaul Jürgens, Nora Schmelter, Jacob Tegel, Peter Wolff
size23 ✕ 30 cm
schoolHochschule Darmstadt

Ecstatic Solitude Isolation and self-reflection. As a year of new and unfamiliar situations 2020 gives us the opportunity to change our point of view. Everyday life is decelerated, social contacts are limited. Horne is no longer just the initial point-now it’s the center we orbit around in a closer distance [, trying not to burn out]. A place of well-being and retreat shares space with a workroom, with a studio. The physical standstill, the reduction of movement is limiting but also creates new perspectives and ways of perceiving. This is about confrontations with ourselves, the environment and photography unite. During the first lockdown, 16 different photographic works were created in the course of one class. Through the intensity of this time, a dynamic and energy developed among the students and the desire to create a common visual dialogue from the works emerged. A personal insight into the everyday life (photographs and diaries), which invites one to lose oneself in the closeness and intensity of this time.

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