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authorAngela Stiegler
size10.5 × 14.5 cm
price12 €

“F, N, A are the three protagonists (Fantasma, Nina and Amygdala) of the artist book by Angela Stiegler, which throughout the script join up. Based on a true story this is a fiction, where identities become fluent, skin neither border nor permeable and affect provable, material and universal. Googlegangers, Triplegangers and Datadoppelgangers are no longer a cyber fantasy, but confront us with a phenomenon, that questions individuality and brings multiplicity into play.

Angela Stiegler is an artist based in Munich and Berlin. Her installations, performances, videos and 3D-animations are populated by ghosts, copies and doppelgängers. Stiegler uses the connection of contemporary imaging methods with historical fragments to frame insights into a posthuman immune system.

Text contributions: Fantasma, Carolin Wackerhagen
Design: Stefanie Hammann, Maria VMier

4/4 color offset print, softcover, thread-sewn, Edition of 300”

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