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titleGlowing Eyes
authorSophie Allerding
size22.5 ✕ 28 cm
schoolHAW Hamburg

Glowing Eyes is a journey into the depths of the Amazonas rainforest in Brazil through the myths of this region, which play a leading role in the life of the forest and the forest inhabitants. These stories show human as part of his environment and thus offer different perspectives than the Western concept of nature. Myths have a great influence on how we perceive our environment, move in it, act and deal with it, therefore one can say that the myths from the Amazon have an influence on the ecological system. But there are also the myths that were created by colonialists to legitimize exploitation and destruction, they created nature that acts as a counterpart, which is wild and which must be tamed. Glowing eyes conjures of images up again, it is a physical exploration and representation of the mythology of the forest. In order not to create a counterpart through a gaze of the other, the artist switches from subject to object, that case the forest, it’s myths and inhabitants, and gaves object the possibility to became subject. These time- and spaceless pictures were mixed up with collected stories in longer stays in Brazil, in order to contextualize these timeless myths into the present reality.

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