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authorJulia Debus
size265 x 200 mm
price100 €

Konsens by Julia Debus, leporello in slipcase, digital offset (Indigo), 265 x 200 mm, 37 images, print-run 100 copies (numbered), self published, 2016, edges of leporello and back of slipcase with copper pigment; Lithography by Anders Forsmark; Printed by Thomas Druck Leipzig; Binding by Buchbinderei Mönch, Leipzig / Werkstätten der HGB Leipzig; Slipcase design by Felix Holler; Silkscreen printing by Felix Holler / Gilbert Schneider

Julia Debus on Konsens: “In the Leporello entitled Konsens, images of landscapes blend together: rural areas, intermediate areas — out of scope of attention, subsistence agriculture, and a lot of space whose use is not obvious at first glance. Areas that seldom form the beginning or end of a journey but are usually crossed. Grasslands, rock formations, scrub, trees, rivers. A connecting motif are paths – which appear in different forms. The photographs were taken in transit, on railroad tracks over several thousand kilometers on trips across India.
For me, paths embody the opportunity to view a landscape with concentration: fixed points in the passing space. The documentary idea, which was still present during conception, dissolves in the process of photographing, editing and transferring into a new context. The Leporello offers a multitude of perspectives: folded up, it is as compact as a book, unfolded with a length of 7m, a predominant object. Through this duality, and the variety of possible combinations, an open narrative is created.”

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