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titleNight Tales
authorJohannes Tassilo Walter, Patrick Thor
size20 × 27.5 cm
languageEnglish and German
price85 €

“””Die Sonne war Nacht, the sun was night.”” Night does not bring darkness—light just disappears.
JOHANNES TASSILO WALTER reduces oil prints to two-color schemes depicting sceneries and objects, in which the compressed story of a culture is revealed: their shiny ascent and demise unto endless blackness—a real good-night story. Walter’s paintings are illustrated with a text by P.S. THOR, who removes an imaginable part from the abstraction of endlessness, stuffs it with words and puts it on show. Abstract and concrete history are brought together in a combinative world concept on sheets of cardboard and bound together as a book.

Prints: Johannes Tassilo Walter
Text/Typo: P.S. Thor
Translation: Duncan Swann

4/4 color offset print, partial UV-lacquer, handbound/mounted on 2mm black cardboard, comes with an original oil print by Johannes Tassilo Walter on the book cover

Edition of 50 (German) + Edition of 50 (English)”

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