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authorAlina Grasmann
size17 × 22 cm
price23 €

Agloe, New York, as captured in Alina Grasmann’s “Paper Town” series of paintings is the kind of Anytown, USA you’d encounter in countless American movies and books, familiar to audiences the world over with its bygone churches, world famous diners, and Colonial Revival homes. And indeed, Agloe was featured in a book and the subsequent movie, putting it back on the map– where it belongs– as audiences set out to find and visit the fictional town. Having read about it in German newspapers, Grasmann, too, set out in September 2017 in search of Agloe and visited Roscoe, New York, nearby which Agloe was first founded on a map. – Eriola Pira

Text contributions: Mirna Funk, Eriola Pira
Design: Atelier Noëm Held

4/4 c, offset, hardcover with linen, embossing, Edition of 300

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