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titlePrivate Viewing
authorSofia Duchovny
size19 × 26 cm
price22 €

The artist book Private Viewing was conceived as an extension to Sofia Duchovny’s solo exhibition at Kunstverein Göttingen in 2019. With the help of melodramatic references and a sense of humor, Duchovny is blurring the lines between privacy, exposure, and authenticity working towards an „acted reality“. This is also conveyed in the publication, as it is not merely a reproduction of the exhibition but rather begins where the former has ended, opening another chapter of the artist’s practice.

Text Contributions: Tomke Braun, Elise Duryee-Browner, Nadja Quante and Maxwell Stephens
Design: Natalja Romine

96 p., 4c offset, softcover, Edition of 250

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