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titleQuilt #01 – #30
authorPhilipp Gufler
size16.5 × 29.7 cm
price26 €

Quilt #01-#30 presents a series of quilts–silkscreen printed fabrics–(2013–ongoing), by Philipp Gufler. By combining text and image, Philipp Gufler’s series of works refers to artists, writers, LGBTIQ+magazines and lost queer spaces, which are often omitted from the usual history books. The subjects that are central to Gufler’s quilts are closely related to his own artistic practice and interests, but also his personal life. The publication features an essay by Laurie Cluitmans, curator of contemporary art at the Centraal Museum.

Text contributions: Laurie Cluitmans, Philipp Gufler
Design: Stefanie Hammann

208 p., 4/4 offset, cover w/ sticker, Edition of 700

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