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titleWang Bing - The Walking Eye
authorWang Bing
size16 × 23 cm
price45 €

Book about the work of Chinese film maker Wang Bing, published in conjuction with an exhibition at Le BAL in Paris in 2021. In 170 sequences (and more than 700 film stills), 8 iconic films are presented: West of The Tracks (2003), The Man with No Name (2009), Three Sisters (2012), ’Til Madness Do Us Part (2013), Traces (2014), Father and Sons (2014), Ta’ang (2016), and 15 Hours (2017). With text contributions by Diane Dufour, Dominique Païni, Teresa Castro, David Le Breton, Thierry Davila, Ada Ackerman, Jean-François Chevrier, Alain Bergala, Julie Ault, Catherine Perret. Edited by Diane Dufour, Dominique Païni and Roger Willems. Including film notices, map of the film locations, biography, complete filmography, and bibliography. Design: Roger Willems with Dongyoung Lee.

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