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titleXENOTOPIA vol. I.
authorTechnologie und das Unheimliche (T+U)
size21x28 cm

The notion of Xenotopia, which also serves as the title of our magazine project, is based on the concept of the Alien Elsewhere, or the metamorphosing spatial alterity, which enables the hungarofuturization of the ‘homeland’. Xenotopia is not a place, but a non-place where the post-Hungarian virus is being produced. The old homeland was a quarantine, which, according to the laws of territoriality, wanted to settle the Hungarians in a claustrophobic interiority. But we are all interstellar nomads who are constantly transgressing the binary logic of interiority and exteriority. The Xenotopia magazine aims to suspend the false quarantine logic of nationalisms by providing space for hyperviral nomadology of ideas, metaphors, and aesthetics from a nanoscopic up to a cosmic scale.

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